We continue to grow each year thanks to our great community. We continue to build on the magazine’s rich history that began over a decade ago. Our focus is to share the great stories that are happening here in our two magazines: Gwinnett/NE DeKalb Counties and Gwinnett/Walton Counties.

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We live in a world that too often reports negative news and overlooks positive news. So, we bring you positive stories about people and groups who are making a difference. We have a lot to be proud of and we want to be sure you get to read it. The Our Town team consists of a talented group of Contributing writers, Feature writers, Creative Director, Distribution Coordinator, Editor, Cover Photographer, Webmaster and many more. All have all been carefully selected to bring readers the best experience each month.

We continue to work diligently to integrate the “worlds” of the printed magazine, online magazine, and social media outlets to you. Thus, our readers and advertisers get the best of ALL worlds. This is your magazine (free to homes) and we an thank you for supporting it. So, stay connected as we continue our journey and continue to grow through sharing happenings and “our” community story. The story of my town, your town…OUR TOWN.

Key Contacts:

Ryan Sauers is Publisher
Elsie Olson is Creative Director
Catherine Osornio is Editor
Ron Kerr is Cover Photographer
Ellen Sawtelle is Distribution Coordinator
Webkat Design is Web Development

Feature Writers:

Daidra Annis
Rachael Brice
Heidi Campbell
Kim Hill
Tony Socci
Karla Socci Somers
Michelle Watson

Feature Photographer:

Anthony R. Socci

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