Dr. Janice Wilmot’s Office Celebrates 20 Years of Orthodontics in Lilburn

By Heidi Campbell

As a little girl, Dr. Janice Wilmot, a Lilburn orthodontist, remembers having buck teeth and low self-esteem before braces changed her life. She never forgot the feeling she had when her braces were removed and she no longer had to hide her smile. This renewed sense of confidence played a huge part in her decision to go into the field of dentistry. Dr. Wilmot, who was the first female orthodontist to open her own practice in Gwinnett County, has been serving patients needing orthodontic care for over twenty years. Her office, located at 956-D Killian Hill Road in Lilburn, is decorated with flower-framed photos of patients. It truly is a place where “smiles blossom.”

Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Dr. Wilmot received her undergraduate degree from Emory University, her dental degree from the Medical College of Georgia, and her Master’s in Orthodontics fromthe University of Michigan, where she continued to work before she and her husband returned to Georgia to raise their young family. “I love Lilburn,” Dr. Wilmot explains. “We are active in our church, Eastminster Presbyterian. My husband is in the choir and has also been playing in the Three Blind Mice jazz lunches a couple times each month. My boys, who both graduated from Parkview, were active in the band program. I play tennis in my neighborhood, and I just got a golden retriever puppy to keep me busy!”

Dr. Wilmot began her Georgia career working in a group practice in Atlanta, where she learned the ins and outs of the business side of a dental office. In 1997, she opened her own practice. “I always knew I wanted to work with people,” explains Dr. Wilmot, “and this career allows for a flexible work schedule for raising a family. It is very rewarding helping people improve their smiles. I love watching a patient see their smile when the braces are removed.”

Her Lilburn practice employs nine staff members, several who have been with Dr. Wilmot for nearly two decades. Patients enjoy the personalized care they get from the staff, which sends out individualized notes of encouragement, and genuinely takes an interest in each patient. Dr. Wilmot has created an appealing work environment with a family and professional feel, thanks to her dedicated staff.

Dr. Wilmot believes in providing her patients with the most up-to-date services. Her office now boasts an iTero Element scanner, which makes the once uncomfortable impression process a proverbial piece of cake. “I keep up with the latest continuing education because I always want to learn and grow,” says Dr. Wilmot. “This is how I learned about the benefits of the cutting-edge technology iTero. And now that I have it, I can’t imagine working without it!”

Education is an integral part of life for Dr. Wilmot’s staff, her patients, and herself. She believes in educating both kids and adults about how to take care of their teeth and improve their overall health. Dr. Wilmot believes in a healthy lifestyle and recently participated in the National Senior Olympics games in Birmingham where she came in 7th in the 50-meter backstroke. She strives to be at the top of her game in not only her personal fitness, but in her professional life as well. She is a nationally board-certified orthodontist, and was the 3rd woman in the state of Georgia to achieve this designation. “This certification wasn’t required, but it was important to me,” reveals Dr. Wilmot. “In the process, I had to show my before and after cases, which illustrate the pride I take in my work.”

The office offers a full range of orthodontic care, from traditional braces to the Invisalign style which is popular with adults. While most of Dr. Wilmot’s patients are teenagers, she has some as young as six years old and others into their 70s. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends the first screening exams for children at age seven, but that doesn’t mean they all will be needing treatment at that time. Dr. Wilmot recommends early treatment for “children who are still sucking a thumb or finger, who have a dental cross bite, severe crowding that does not allow the adult teeth to grow in, protrusive teeth that are at a huge risk of being chipped or broken, and for kids who are being teased about the appearance of their smile.”

While Dr. Wilmot sees positive changes with every patient she works with, some of the transformations are truly remarkable. She sees self-conscious, introverted teenagers become more confident once they have a beautiful smile. She recalls one patient’s orthodontic work thattruly changed his life. “He went to a family reunion,” she recalls, “and his family members were in tears because they could see how much his bite and teeth had moved and changed. These before and after changes are amazing. A nice smile really does make a difference.”

Community involvement is something Dr. Wilmot truly cares about. She supports the local schools, numerous tennis teams, swim teams, cheer squads, dance teams, drama clubs, and Parkview’s Odyssey of the Mind. She volunteers her services to the Special Olympics at Emory University every summer, and does dental screenings of all the athletes. She sponsors a booth at the Lilburn Relay for Life rally, and sponsors the train at the Lilburn Days festival. She participates in career days, and mentors students who plan to become dentists and orthodontists. One of her favorite things to do is speak to kids about dental health. “I go to the elementary schools in February,” Dr. Wilmot says, “and I talk teeth! I go over brushing and eating healthy snacks, and I give out goodie bags. I believe in education!”

In October, the practice supports Breast Cancer Awareness. Dr. Wilmot encourages her patients to have pink colors put on their braces. A donation is then made to the American Cancer Society with each patient’s name. “It is so heartwarming to see how many patients participate for this good cause,” says Dr. Wilmot.p>

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of her Lilburn office, Dr. Wilmot is planning a birthday party on Saturday, August 5th from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at the JB Williams Park Pavilion for all current and former patients. Dr. Wilmot is excited about the event and says, “There are lots of fun activities being planned: a bouncy-house, game truck, pizza, Kona ice, and face painting!”

 More information at http://www.jjwilmot-ortho.com/

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