Making a Difference: ANWAN Regenerative Center
By J. Rice

The way we approach health and wellness is changing for the better, and Dr. Donovan Christie and the ANWAN Regenerative Center in Tucker are on the cutting edge of it.

With a rapidly aging baby-boomer generation looking for ways to combat the effects of aging on their bodies, new therapies are being developed to meet that growing demand. People of all ages are seeking out and embracing these newer anti-aging treatments in ever-increasing numbers.

Some of these new techniques enable the reversal of diseases like Type 2 diabetes, while others can stimulate the body to repair and regenerate its own tissue.

The ANWAN Regenerative Center offers a wide variety of holistic and integrative therapies, including oral and I.V. nutrition, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and joint regeneration.

“Pharmacy and surgery certainly have a place, but we should be exploring a multitude of other options first,” says Dr. Christie. “God put on earth everything you need to maintain a body in a physical and mental state of health.”

One of the more recent and exciting breakthroughs has been in the area of regenerative medicine.

“Auto-immune disorders are reaching epidemic proportions,” Dr. Christie says. “Chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis will affect millions of people, whether brought on by poor lifestyle habits, trauma, age, obesity, or genetics.”

Dr. Christie adds, “Regeneration of cartilage and of damaged tissue like tendons and ligaments is now possible through regenerative therapies, which include stem cell and PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections.” The two work in tandem to regenerate the tissues damaged by Achilles tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, erosion of spinal disc space, rheumatoid inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, and a host of other musculoskeletal injuries. “The body’s own healing ability is increased five-to-ten-fold when these growth factors are injected locally,” he states.

These are not only more affordable treatments than surgery, but they don’t even require a hospital stay. The hopes are high that insurance will soon cover most, if not all, of these procedures.

“We believe in giving you a better life, for the rest of your life,” is a mantra Dr. Christie and his whole family have embraced. His wife and daughter are nurse practitioners at the center. The Christie family is not only at the forefront of the latest medical care, but is giving back to the community in many charitable ways.

Dr. Christie is also a philanthropist, and established the Picture of Health Foundation in 2004 partly as a tribute to his mother, who passed away at a relatively early age from the effects of arthritis and obesity-related diseases. “Exercise and nutrition components were missing,” he says. And yet, she was a nurse herself, and the one who encouraged him to go into medicine. Dr. Christie wants to help others avoid going through the pain his mother endured.

The foundation works with several elementary, middle, and high schools in DeKalb and Gwinnett to stress the importance of preventative care. He is the founder and primary sponsor of an annual 5K run/walk to help turn the focus on the increasing problem of childhood obesity. Other vendors and sponsors at the event include Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and WellStar Hospitals, which distribute their own health-related materials including information on the detrimental effect that lifestyle can have on one’s health and longevity.

Once a year Dr. Christie organizes a medical team to travel abroad and offer treatment for diseases such as malaria, typhoid, dysentery, and malnutrition. So far he and his teams have carried out medical missions in Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia, Panama, Peru, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, and this year they will travel to Senegal. An annual black-tie fundraiser helps with some of the financing, but most of it comes from Dr. Christie and the Board of Directors.

“I do this because I believe in giving back,” Dr. Christie says. “It is better to give than to receive.”

For more information on ANWAN Regenerative Center, visit, or call their direct line at 678-822-9555. To learn more about the 5K Run/Walk, the mission trip to Senegal, and the black tie fundraiser, visit



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