A Dynamic Duo Takes the Reigns at the Ladies Workout of Snellville

by Heidi Campbell

When Farredeh Baughcum and Kelly Webb met in January of 2008, they had no idea they would become kindred spirits and new owners of Ladies Workout of Snellville. Both women are graduates of UGA, yet their paths didn’t cross until they met at a local fitness center. Farredeh taught Business Ed at Grayson High School before becoming a stay-at-home mom of her two children, and Kelly was juggling her job as a group fitness manager with raising her three children.

Farredeh came to the gym where Kelly worked because she was overweight. She had never worked out before, so she decided to take a BODYPUMP™ class, and was hooked. She loved the class and the energy. “Our kids connected in the childcare area. They became friends, we became friends, and Kelly asked me to become an instructor on her team.”

Once they started working together, they realized their energy was contagious. “People enjoyed seeing our friendship and how we relate to each other; we think it helped make them comfortable in an intimidating environment,” says Farredeh.

Kelly and Farredeh noticed a need for a centralized location where they could answer questions and provide encouragement and support for their class participants. They started a Facebook page and branded themselves as K & F, RUKillerFit. The K & F represent their initials and “Killer Fit.” The brand, which is a constant reminder of their purpose, took off on social media. “The women who come in to our classes are often really down on themselves,” explains Kelly. “We want to build people up. We want them to have fun. When people join a group class, they become involved, and that’s when they see results.”

Kelly and Farredeh started blogging, but quickly realized their audience wanted more interaction. They began speaking the blogs, and creating “Make It Move Monday” routines, which were short, fun workouts people could do at home. Their Facebook page grew in popularity, and K & F soon acquired followers from all over the world.

A mutual friend came to Kelly and Farredeh with a new opportunity, and in December 2016, Kelly and Farredeh became the new owners of Ladies Workout of Snellville. They hosted an Open House just days after acquiring the business, and were nervous about attendance. They announced the event live on Facebook, and, according to Kelly, “We were packed, and we were so thankful!”

The staff, which includes sixteen instructors, five childcare providers, and three front desk attendants, has welcomed the new owners, and are enjoying the positive changes that they’ve brought to the business. “These two girls are amazing!” raves Carrie Edgar, one of the veteran staff members. “There’s a reason they have such a following!”
Ladies Workout offers programs to accommodate busy women and tight budgets. Childcare is available for $10.00 a month; monthly classes, scheduled morning and evening, are only $25.00 a month; and their joining fee is only $49.00. They offer great educational seminars and programs so people can work hard and see results.

Ladies Workout offers several dietary initiatives not found in other gyms. They are “Max Muscle” sponsored athletes, so they carry the nationwide supplements. What makes them perhaps even more unique is that they offer a Paleo meal delivery service. Chef Max Miller, a Shiloh graduate, owns a company called Everbest Foods. On Mondays, he emails his weekly menu to the members. Orders are placed on Wednesdays, and meals for the following week are delivered to the refrigerator at Ladies Workout on Mondays for members to pick up.

Farredeh and Kelly believe in the power of community, and they offer a wide range of classes, including many that are part of the Les Mills system. Their freestyle classes include Zumba, spin, barre, and kickboxing, just to name a few. “We offer HIIT training to our members, which is High Intensity Interval Training. This accelerates their fat loss. They don’t want to lose muscle mass; they want fat loss!” explains Kelly.

They also offer SilverSneakers for those over the age of 65. They have a great selection of workout equipment for those who want to work out alone, but they really encourage the classes for optimum results. “It is the relationships that you make and maintain that keep you going,” explains Farredeh. “I got into this with Kelly because we developed a friendship that is a sisterhood. It’s so cool to be in a community of people who all want the same thing.”

The sense of community created at the Ladies Workout of Snellville keeps customers coming back for more. The owners recall working with one client at their previous location who came in completely crippled with anxiety. She stayed in the back of the class. Each week, she moved closer and closer to the front. Before the year ended, she was an instructor. “We all have a story,” explains Kelly. “Hers was not to lose weight; it was dealing with her anxiety – and the support and energy she found helped her overcome this.”

Ladies Workout is, as the name suggests, just for ladies. Many women who come to the center are all dealing with the same issues, which make it a true safe haven for them. “Our goal,” says Kelly, with her trademark excitement, “is to reach as many women as possible to get them healthy, happy, and confident! We are results driven, and the sky is the limit!”

More information at www.ladiesworkoutexpresssnellville.com or visit their Facebook page “Ladies Workout Snellville.”

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