The Wellness Studio and ProMotion PT Promote Healthy, Active Lifestyles

By Heidi Campbell

In 2001, Amanda Pilz opened ProMotion Physical Therapy Loganville, GA. Her practice grew, and in 2006 she opened a second location in Grayson. In 2013, she closed the Loganville office in order to focus on the Grayson location, where she had plans to extend services into the community in a more proactive manner and to be a resource for prevention as well as rehabilitation. In 2013, the Wellness Studio opened, incorporating her physical therapy practice with other important wellness programs including nutrition, therapeutic massage, personal training, fitness and wellness classes, and educational workshops on health-related topics.

Opening the Wellness Studio has allowed us to help members of our community realize the benefits of preventative health and wellness,” says Pilz. “There’s often a sort of mystique surrounding physical therapy. People don’t really know what it is, how helpful it can be, or even how to pursue it. This approach gives the community greater access to our services. In addition to physical therapy, we are able to offer classes, nutrition workshops, and free consultations to help people address health issues earlier. We are a great resource for people!”

Clients enjoy classes offered in the Wellness Studio, and some enjoy the 7:00 p.m. Tuesday evening Yoga class that takes place under the pavilion at Grayson Park. Studio classes include interval training, Pilates, yoga, Zumba, and barre – which are all available with drop-in rates or memberships. The nutrition program, led by a registered dietitian, offers quarterly workshops with topics including, “How to eat healthy on the run,” and “Sports nutrition.”

One really unique thing about what we offer here,” explains Pilz, “is the collaborative approach. Our instructors team with our physical therapists to truly individualize plans to meet the needs of each patient and client. When patients finish their therapy, we can continue to work with them as they transition into a wellness routine to improve their overall wellness.”

Pilz, a wife and mother of four children, was born and raised in Pennsylvania. After experiencing the benefits of physical therapy when her mother underwent physical therapy, and after she had her own first-hand experience as a collegiate level gymnast, Pilz decided to pursue physical therapy at Duquesne University. “There are so many amazing benefits of physical therapy, and I enjoy sharing them with my community. My favorite part of this work is helping someone’s situation,” Pilz says. “I honestly love seeing them improve their way of living and functioning.”

The professional staff at the Wellness Studio and ProMotion Physical Therapy is a group of trained experts that works to help patients overcome a wide range of physical problems including headaches, chronic pain, neck problems, low back, hip and knee problems, and even more complex TMJ or vestibular issues. With seven clinical staff members and four front office employees, the practice offers a unique one-to-one ratio to meet the individual needs of their physical therapy patients. The moment a patient enters the practice, they are received with attention and care. “We cater to those patients who are really looking for individualized attention and guidance,” explains Pilz. “Oftentimes, patients come to us and feel like they haven’t been heard, or they’ve been misunderstood. We listen to them to understand their goals, and set up a plan to really help them reach or exceed their goals.”

The Studio serves a wide range of ages, usually beginning with school-age all the way through elderly patients. Teens can participate in the Teen Yoga class, children can enjoy the Young Yogis camp offered in the summer, and toddlers can spend time with their moms by attending the “Mommy and Me” Yoga classes. People over the age of 65 can take part in Silver Sneakers classes offered throughout the week. These classes, which are covered by most insurance programs, are a great opportunity for retirees to keep moving and stay in shape. “Our older clients also can benefit from our strong focus on balance and prevention of falls,” says Pilz. “We teach people that there are many things they can do to minimize the impact that aging has on balance. This can really make a difference for our elderly population.”

Pilz has witnessed many success stories throughout her years as a physical therapist. One of her most inspiring experiences was working with a man who had been in a motorcycle accident where he was thrown into the air and landed upside down. He crushed the entire left side of his body, including his shoulder, pelvis, femur, and ankle. He came in to the office in a wheelchair with pins and screws holding him together. “We worked diligently with him. He was so motivated because he learned that each short-term goal was attainable. When he left here,” shares Pilz, “he was able to return to all the things he enjoyed – sand volleyball, bike riding, and even running. His determination was amazing! That’s why we do what we do -- to help people attain their goals.”

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