Save Room for Dessert – Blue Rooster Bake Shop of Lawrenceville Celebrates its 5th
Joanna Shackelford
The ladies at Blue Rooster Bake Shop in downtown Lawrenceville know a few secrets. And it’s
not just the recipe to their famous chicken salad or their old fashioned strawberry cake. They
have discovered the secret recipe to success.
Since opening their doors in 2013, co-owners Kyle Cave and her sister-in-law Donna Cave have
added flavor to the growing Lawrenceville town square scene. Former customers of the longstanding
Lilburn location that closed in 2010 were delighted to find out that their cupcake
cravings could once again be satiated. The well-established bakery and sandwich shop reopened
with a newer, hipper vibe, and is now busy prepping for their five-year anniversary on March
What sets them apart from other bakeries that often do not make it past their second year may be
their charming, airy atmosphere or their vibrant all-female staff. But Kyle knows there’s another
key ingredient. “Having talent as a baker does not guarantee sustainability,” says Kyle. “To stay
in business, you need to know how to run a business.”
Kyle learned that long ago by watching her parents. Raised by a family of entrepreneurs, she
spent much of her childhood at her mother’s flower shop, then later at the family’s bridal shop.
Through her early 20’s, Kyle honed her business skills alongside her mother in the bridal
industry. “My parents were instrumental throughout my whole life,” says Kyle, reflecting on the
roots of her own entrepreneurial spirit. “The Lord may lay something in your lap, but you still
have to work hard for it every day.”
Today, she and Donna create quite a dynamic duo. Not only are they family, but they both seem
to share the same business savvy that has helped them last. “It takes stamina and a lot of
gumption,” Kyle admits. “And that’s what we have.”
The family business doesn’t just extend to the two sisters-in-law. Just as Kyle’s mother did, the
two ladies have incorporated their own daughters, who are now integral parts of the bakery.
Kyle’s oldest daughter, Alex, handles event coordinating and customer communication, while
her other daughter, Madison, is their cake designer. Donna’s daughter, April, manages the
The “Cave women,” as they call themselves, set the standard high for small-town bakeries.
Immediately, customers are greeted with the sweet smell of vanilla and with menu boards full of
trendy, Southern-style desserts and lunches. Their new and improved logo, complete with a blue
farmhouse-style rooster, perches handsomely on the wall of a bright, cheery dining space.
Behind the dessert display case, sensuous cakes, pies, cookies, bars, muffins, and cupcakes,
glistening with sugar, line the shelves, tempting even the strongest willed.
Upstairs they host bridal luncheons, rehearsal dinners, baby showers, and other events for up to
50 people. They offer box lunches to go, and they even deliver. Their latest addition is a food
trailer that people can rent for birthday parties and other events.
Cake and cookie enthusiasts from their Lilburn days may think it impossible, but the newer
Lawrenceville location offers a re-energized and improved experience for the taste buds. “Our
desserts are way better,” admits Kyle. The bakery has certainly evolved since their move. “I like
change and trying something different. I always say, if something’s not working, change it and
move on.” That includes their recipes and cake selections. Kyle is the first to admit she’s a
sucker for the latest Instagram-able baking trends. Right now, it’s unicorn cakes, the zenith of
Even though they embrace change, their number one dessert remains – old fashioned strawberry
cake. Its recipe is the one most coveted in the family, passed down from Donna’s grandmother.
She still has the original cookbook published in 1946.
The Blue Rooster Bake Shop hopes to extend its business to other quaint pockets of metro
Atlanta in the future. For their current space, however, plans are in the works to extend the menu
to include hot sandwiches, paninis, and salads.
As for the big five-year anniversary on March 11th, a free slice of cake awaits all customers who
come to help celebrate the big day. Specials and other giveaways are on the agenda, too. Pop in
and say hello. Be sure to order the chicken salad on a croissant with a side of potato salad. And
of course, save room for dessert.
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